We are expanding our team: Annemarie Welcome!

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“The greater your effort and enthusiasm, the more you get in return” – Project Manager Annemarie James talks about her work at Media Engineering”

Engineering media is growing. Therefore, we have, since this month, a new project: Annemarie Jas.
They will have a lot of contact with our customers – perhaps also with you. So we asked our local blogger to interview Annemarie. She talks about her new job, her most special project and why it so often is in the train.


Hi Annemarie! To start immediately why this work attracts you so?

When I’m excited about something, I want like to convey. You’ll soon find sales positions. And I am genuinely interested in people, make love to chat. Also online the way, I can be sweet hours on Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest! That fits perfectly in this work, especially now that social media is becoming increasingly important for marketing.

In this industry you work with so many different people, and they all have their own problems and expectations. I find it very nice to all those people helping good, to make it easier and simpler for them.

And now you’re in ME to work. What are you doing here exactly?

I’m directing projects. Customers have contact with me, and I’ll internal briefings, I consult with all team members, create the schedule and check the work. Actually, I make the team even faster and work better. In addition, I intend to do my utmost to Media Engineering convert better on the map and find new customers.

What makes ME unlike its competitors, do you think?

We firmly believe ‘less talk but brushing. “In the Rotterdam motto quick and thorough work, with no fuss. We also like to think strategically with our customers. But we do not unnecessarily complicated.

What I also like is that Media Engineering design and development combines. You do not see often, usually that offered separately from each other.

Something else: how does your life outside of work out?

I enjoy my four year old son Fedde. He loves trains, so we are regularly on the train to Amsterdam or Zandvoort. You can not make him happier. I also speak a lot with friends, we catch up and eat something nice. And a great dance party or festival I certainly do not turn off!

Oh yeah, and I always try to be drawn out a little bleak autumn to go to Ibiza for a week in late September. Just enjoy the sun and the summer atmosphere.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned in your work?

You reap what you sow.

The more your mind to something, the more helpful you are to customers and colleagues, the more enthusiasm and motivation you for something – the more you ultimately recovers.


Has there been a project that was very clear? You bet really rewarded?

Several years ago I was doing some large direct mail campaigns for a Dutch bank, an Australian bank and an event and television production company.

Those orders we received because I was very involved with the customer: I’m with them, gave sincere advice and made all communication was clear. And during missions I kept close contact with all parties so that the projects were completed on time. The customers were very happy with the result. Those orders included a huge kick and it’s really cool to have that kind successes together to celebrate your team!

Finally: what is your biggest ‘little’ annoyance?

Language errors. Errors in spelling or grammar or words that are used incorrectly. As the use of the personal pronoun ‘me’. Phrases like “I go to my house,” or “I love me dog. ‘Toe-curling!