UX Design: Focus on the experience of the user!

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How many times have you frustrated scissors or knife from the kitchen drawer packed to get open so awkward plastic packaging? A lot of times probably.
Fortunately, you also have producers who think indeed on their packaging. It is easy to open, and if you already need a pair of scissors, it ‘s to cut at least decent. Neatly in line. User-friendly design, called. And that can also websites.

  What’s UX Design?

UX Design stands for User Experience. That is, a design where designers look mainly from the perspective of the user. Less annoying pop-ups, clear buttons and a clear layout – all designed so that the user as easy as possible to navigate through the site.
With a UX design everyone can use the website properly, without frustration or confusion.


From superb design to a useful website

The previous design trend focused more on style and visual aspects. Beautiful websites with pictures and movies shot up like mushrooms from the ground. Thanks so beautiful, but in return you’ll lose a lot of speed and load time. You can then correct them chase the visitor. UX Design trying to avoid so precisely: it is the perfect mix between a beautiful and user-friendly design. The end user is key.
A simple example is the burger menu: an icon that you click to make menu items will appear. Our website ‘s also, if you’m viewing on your smartphone or tablet:


Convenient because such a menu saves space. But a burger menu is not always smart to use on a regular website. It’s pretty easy, but it gives the user an additional measure to navigate and they have to remember what’s on the menu. Just think how annoying it would be in the car if you can not see quick corner of your eye signs, but if you ever consciously should look for to read. Clumsy.

And online?

Online is it to him sometimes in small ways. Some examples:

Users expect the logo to the homepage links
You can see it still: A non-clickable logo. Users are now accustomed to it by clicking your logo automatically
be redirect to your homepage. If this is not the case, one has to perform an additional operation.

A user-friendly and easy to recognize main navigation with a few clicks.
Nothing is more annoying than having to first ten pages by scrolling to finally place your order. Try to make it as easy as possible for the user by using a familiar menus and menu titles. The “flow” must contain no more than two clicks. After the second click, one would already be located for example on a checkout page.

Hyperlinks in the text are striking (different color or underlined)
Readers of the content of your website like it to read your texts globally. Just as we used to be (and sometimes still is) did with the old-fashioned newspaper. When one piece of text is to read, the user will skip this part, while the user just want to keep as long as possible on your website. By using hyperlinks in a different color or underlined to show, you can get the user just by linking to other related posts within your website, but they must stand out indeed.

Icons all the same style
There are a number of fifty icons found on the Internet. Nothing is uglier than several icons by using each other. In addition, the user wants to correctly always recognize the same icons. Always use the same icons set in recognizable places in your website.

Finally UX Design is not to ignore

UX design is not new, temporary trend that you can just ignore. It is not “as beautiful as possible” or “as easy as possible.” The goal is to give the user as user friendly as possible by guiding your website.

Of course there are bigger changes – and much, much smaller. But much will depend on the website itself. It revolves around the user. A website with a good UX design speaks the user more, and they will have a positive experience with your business. The more likely they come back more frequently because the site works nicely. With a smart design can therefore provide website considerably higher conversions without high marketing costs. Calculate your profit!

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