The benefits of good architecture of your site

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Suppose you win the lottery. Thirty million. Great! Finally, you can build a dream home! You see it all for you: an indoor pool, a beautiful garden, which finally garage with space enough for a Lamborghini.
How do you start? Probably: When an architect.

Because you know what atmosphere you want in your house, what appearance it should have, but you may not know what materials you can use the best of what new technologies are available.

A web designer is an architect

He determines the structure of your website.
It is important for users: The information in the right place, the navigation is straightforward, the Web site works as expected.

The development of this structure often begins with a Flowchart. This is a diagram of the trip that the user makes when visiting your website.



Voorbeeld: Flowchart

Example: Flowchart

A tool is the flowchart. It will make an overview of the steps that a user on your website. Your starting point is a problem or question, the user is looking for information, a product or a contact option. How then to proceed?

It forces you to think carefully about how the website will be used, what information is most important and how much effort the user has to do to find what he seeks.

A major advantage of a flowchart is that it is clear to everyone what steps the (different) users will create within your website. In addition, the developer knows how to handle the steps in the back-end of the website.


Voorbeeld: Wireframe

Voorbeeld: Wireframe

A second tool is a wireframe. It is, as it were, the construction drawing of a website.

A wireframe makes the design uncluttered. For example, you can quickly see whether a page is too chaotic. A wireframe can also be used actively as a prototype. Allows you to quickly test whether a web page has a logical structure and easy to use.


What are the advantages of this?

There are three main advantages of working with a flowchart and a wireframe.

1. It saves time

Creating a wireframe is faster than designing a website. It is for the developer so easier to show multiple layouts to the client, along the most appropriate to choose from and only then to develop the site. This prevents miscommunication and delays later in the process.

Moreover, it is a flowchart and wireframe focusing primarily on the structure. How does it work soon? It is much harder to take note when you should look for fonts, colors, images and animations, such as a completed site.
2. It is important for SEO

The architecture of your website is very important for SEO. Search engines need to index your site correctly. This is only possible if it is built up in the right way. Improper use of, for example, ensure that links remain hidden JavaScript. It is this part of your site can be totally beaten by the search engine robot as for example, your homepage is a click-through page (think of an animation on call-to-action).

One of the factors influencing the ranking is internal links (links to other pages within your site). With internal links make it user indeed easier to find what they need and usability is again beneficial for your SEO. In a wireframe you can work this out clearly, so you do not accidentally forget a page.

Another (not too serious, I admit) ranking factor URLs. A URL like ‘’ is better than ‘media-eng / posts / 15465? 18xgh. ”

Much more important is it that your site is fast and responsive – both are indeed important ranking factors. That has everything to do with how the website is constructed.
3. It is important for the user

  • Good usability is essential. And that’s all in countless small things:
  • Clearly identifiable links
  • clear navigation
  • No impressing pages
  • No annoying animations
  • No offset (e) or sidebar menu
  • Information surfacing
  • And so on…

It’s a lot harder to do well if you have not previously thought about the architecture of your site.

Invest in the structure of your website

Are you engaged in (to) design a new site? Work then have a number of wireframes and flow chart from. This will give you more insight into the workings and effectiveness and you better evaluate whether the structure devised by you will work well.

Are you wondering how this works with your current website? Try it out! Give yourself a worker, family member or customer several assignments at the site, including search contact options, find out certain information or visit multiple pages without using the navigation menu. This can give you great insight into the current structure and potential for improvement.