Madaga Live / Kinderdagverblijven


Madaga cooks for nurseries fresh, organic, hot meals for the afternoon or evening, they deliver throughout the country. Everything they cook is top quality, easy to warm, safe and has a fair price. They also offer vegetarian sandwich spreads full of veggies and healthy, tasty treats, always taking into account children who have allergies. Madaga operates a number of facilities which again placed an order every week through a Google form. After these orders at Madaga came in, they were manually processed by the Customer Care in Magento. A lot of manual operations that are no longer needed in this modern age. ME. Madaga has a fully automated solution developed taking into account customer involvement and user expierence. So every nursery has personalized credentials. This one gets access to the system after which they can place their orders for the following week. Magento processed this order so that the normal order flow goes along. Children’s Day is to stay the order for their little ones now a piece of cake!


Naam: Madaga | The great little foods company
Task: Design, Development, Programming, Architecture, Project Management Technologies: Magento Commerce Services: door ontwikkeling Magento Commerce, Updates & Upgrades