The insight, vision, mission, strategy and the tools to significantly contribute to the innovative way of dealing with marketing with the many companies and organizations leads to a direct form of growth in volume and revenue.

Box of Brains looks like with her clients the best use of marketing & sales tools in order to build market position and competitiveness.

“More visibility, more customers, more profit. Is your business ready for the next step?”

Start-up box or Brains wanted to create something special. A website that they could use to market
something new to offer. “A strong brand, a fire! a box full of services. I want that!’ cried owner Margaret-Ann Rider come to the drawing board.
ME. developed a logo from the strategy of Box or Brains. After this translation was made
The site first outlined in PSD and later converted into a WordPress website with a
theme has served as frame. PDO has recently celebrated its first anniversary and has many
customers and partners that it now serves a professional, powerful fire.



Naam: Box Of Brains
Task: Logo Design, Development, Project Management
Technologies: Wordpress, CSS, PHP, HTML