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WordPress - Powerful and easy

WordPress is fully optimized to build and maintain a website or web shop as simple or complex as possible. At the same time, the system provides space for all your creative and innovative ideas, and thanks to regular upgrades and updates, one can always take advantage of new technical improvements.


WordPress is simple, uncluttered, and fast. This system has millions of users, from small businesses to multinational corporations like CNN and TIME. We specialize in WordPress, and know the INS-and outs of this platform to develop a website or web shop.


WordPress is expandable with numerous plugins and modules. This creates unlimited possibilities in design and functionality. We not only have the possibility to use the best existing plugins, but they can also be easily developed by our specialized team.

Web shop / Woo Commerce

WordPress is ideal for a shop that is integrated into a larger website. We like to work with Woo Commerce, a system that adds numerous e-commerce capabilities, from clear inventory management to comprehensive sales analysis. Of course we can ass additional features and develop custom functionalities meeting your every need. We ensure that your shop will be maximally effective and user-friendly.