10 reasons why customers buy almost

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Have you ever ordered something almost to finally click away? Then you’re not alone. Of all the products were put into online shopping carts in 2015 is not purchased 72.7%. Nearly three-quarters of the orders is therefore, at the last moment, not.

There is always something to do. Customers use a shopping cart as favorites list or just browsing ‘for fun’ with no intention of buying it effectively.

But there are also mistakes that you lose unnecessary conversion with. Errors that cause customers still go to the competitor or they click away frustrated. Mistakes which, at one company, resulted in $300 million lost revenue.

Want to know how to prevent it?

These are the main reasons for abandoned shopping carts:

1. No confidence

New customers are suspicious. They do not know if you’re not a crook or you send quickly and if you properly handle complaints.

Therefore, you must make it clear that you are trustworthy. You do that for example by displaying reviews or testimonials, to join reliable labels and by giving guarantees such as shipping within 24 hours.

Zalando does mention this smart key points in each product:


Zalando Vertrouwen

Another error in the same category: offer only one contact option.

Only one contact is not enough. Provide at least an e-mail and home address, and preferably also a telephone number and contact. For larger companies it is advisable to live chat, as well as good presence on Twitter or Whatsapp.

The better you can be reached, the customers have more confidence in you.

2. Your website is too slow

This problem, of course, affects not only the final stage of a purchase – many people anyway have no patience for slow websites.

Once you have found what you were looking for, you want to pay quickly. Wait a dressing room in the shop is yet one thing, but a row of eight people at the checkout? Never mind. And online clicks people much more quickly than they run away from a store.

Here are some tools to test the speed of your site:


3. It is not clear what happens when you click

If a website is a button “Buy now!” state, would you click? Many people do not. What if you stuck to the sale?

Your ordering process must be clear. Otherwise you run the risk that people will not dare to click further, afraid to suddenly have bought something. Even if they want to buy it, they want to consciously make the final decision.

Wehkamp therefore has a very clear overview of the ordering steps, so you know exactly where you are. (And do not go back to point 1 – the thuiswinkelwaarborg logo is not here for nothing.)

Wehkamp bestelproces

4. Products disappear from your shopping cart

This is downright annoying. If I just hesitated a half hour between six sunglasses and eventually three have chosen, I do not come to realize that they are now all gone out of the basket. Let it sit.

5. Limited payment options

If customers can not pay, they can not buy from you. The preferences are distributed to customers. iDEAL is the most popular, but did you know that the credit card is the second place? These were the most used payment options in 2015:

eCommerce 2015

Bron: eCommerce Payment Monitor 2015 – GfK


You see: it is necessary to offer several payment options. Remember also that this is an overview, but that different groups have different preferences. Older people are likely to use less frequently iDEAL, while most young people do not have a credit card.







6. Unclear or missing conditions

Some online shops are unclear about their conditions and that costs customers.

People want to know:

  • How many days they have for a return
  • How fast they get their money back again
  • What happens when a wrong or damaged product
  • When they have the order at home

Do not assume that people seek out this information. They do not. Hide the key points not in your terms and conditions, but puts them clearly on the website.

7. No refund shipping charges to return

This includes a bit in the previous point, but it is so important that it deserves special attention.

In a return to the shop is obliged to refund the original shipping cost. Only costs for the return shall be borne by the customer.

Many retailers do not abide here. Not everyone looks at this, but customers who know how to make will quit immediately if you violate this law, what then?

8. High shipping costs (or rather, no free shipping)

This is the most important point of all.

High shipping costs are a conversion killer. If you really can not avoid, she mentions than evident and before payment. Almost half of customers stop an order when they discover only at the check-out that shipping costs to come.

Free shipping is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason:

  • 95% of consumers say they buy more free shipping
  • 73% of consumers see it as the main criterion for an online purchase
  • When shoe shop 2BigFeet free shipping over $ 100 offered they reached 50% more conversions

Even very low shipping costs have a negative impact. Amazon introduced free shipping throughout Europe – except France. In France, it cost 20 cents. And in all countries, sales went up – except in France.

“Moral of the story: free is in a league of its own The difference between cheap and free is huge..” – ConversionXL

9. Limited supply

Supermarkets are more popular than specialty stores. Why? Because people are in a hurry and impatient. They want to buy all the products in one shop. Online they want that too.

Therefore, you must have a complete range. Keep in any case your search close watch: if customers regularly search for products or brands that you are not in your range, it might be about time to change that.

10. Compulsory registration

How to $ 300 million more revenue? Well, not by requiring registration.

That’s the story of an eCommerce website (which would rather not announced). They had a mandatory registration plane for payment. Very simple: fill in email and password ready. Handy for returning customers, they thought.

But research showed that customers were not totally comfortable. They have forgotten their login details or dropped out during registration. One adjustment was made, there was a CONTINUE` button so customers could complete their purchase without registration.

The result was an increase of 45% in conversions. They earned that year, $ 300 million more.

Well, $ 300 million will may not yield you

But by avoiding the above mistakes you avoid unnecessarily abandoned shopping carts. The customer finally has ordered almost. They are on your website, they found a good product …

Now it is to ensure you that they complete the order.